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Twitch TV Schedule

Check out my loose schedule for when I play live down below. Typically, I'll play open-mics every other week around the Fargo, ND downtown area. Occasionally, I'll play down south near San Antonio, TX. Locations can be found by clicking the DIRECTIONSbutton next to each scheduled show or by using the map at the bottom of this page. For my most up-to-date weekly livestream schedule, click the TWITCH > button above and subscribe to my Twitch TV channel to receive direct notifications before I go live! *NOTE - all my in-person shows will typically be live-streamed on my Twitch TV channel whenever possible, so you should be able to catch me playing either way! 


Open Mic (8pm)   |   Front Street Taproom   |   Fargo, ND


Livestreaming   |   Twitch TV   |   Online


Off   |   –––––   |   –––––


Open Mic (10pm)  |   Dempsey's   |   Fargo, ND (downtown)


Off   |   –––––   |   –––––


Livestreaming   |   Twitch TV   |   Online


Off   |   –––––   |   –––––

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