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If you're looking for custom-made commercial music for your inspirational video, trailer, podcast, film, video game, testimonial, or other media project, explore with me what makes your project special! 

Image by Jakob Owens


Film Clapboard


Competitive gaming setup



After our first call or email, we'll schedule an in-person or video meet to go over what needs you have for your project, the scope, and the scale.

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Next, we'll zone in on the heart and core themes of your project's story to determine both overall direction of the music to support it.

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Once we know the direction we're headed with the music, we'll brainstorm a few loose concepts and also discuss reference films and music.

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The core themes and concepts will determine the style & genre primarily, but we can still think outside the box as necessary.

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Finally, I'll sketch out a few basic themes and cues to see what sticks or doesn't. This is where the fun begins...

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